Knights of Columbus
Our Lady of the Rosary Council #9039
P.O. Box 6146   Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.  28469

    Membership Program Director
    Richard Rismiller

    Recruitment, Retention and Insurance Promotion.

    The many good works of the Order are entirely dependent on an involved, committed and growing
    membership. After all, without a strong membership base and regular efforts to attract new Knights
    and replace those who’ve left, none of the other important council efforts on behalf of the Church and
    community would be possible. Each council must be proactive in its approach to membership to ensure
    success. You cannot sit back and expect membership growth to occur on its own. An organized and
    active membership team are an absolute must for EVERY council.

    The membership director, committee chairman or committee member, is responsible for guiding the
    growth the council. Every Knight can and should play a role in the over-all membership activities.
    Some will function best as part of recruitment teams or as individual recruiters. Others who are not
    comfortable approaching prospects directly, can contribute by identifying prospects for recruiters to
    contact from among their family members, friends, co-workers and other acquaintances. You and the
    other members of the membership committees should immediately begin planning the programs and
    events that will ensure a successful year of membership activity. A well rounded and continuous
    program should employ various initiatives and include the participation of many members. A
    combination of recruitment methods — church drives, open house programs, two-on-one team
    individual recruiting, “VIP” Club promotion, etc. — along with retention and insurance promotion
    efforts, will produce the award winning results desired. The key is to immediately get organized and get


    The first step toward retaining members is the establishment of a strong, active membership retention
    committee. Our Order loses many members within the first or second year aft initiation because they
    are uninformed on the programs, objectives and achievements of the Knights of Columbus. Others leave
    due to lack of opportunity to reap the benefits of membership, including the chance to work on activity
    committees they found interesting and challenging.


    As a fraternal benefit society, the Knights of Columbus maintains, for the protection of its members, an
    insurance system of sufficient scope and flexibility to meet almost any conceivable demand. The
    Knights of Columbus insurance program is operated solely for the benefit of its members and their
    families. Thus it is in a position to offer a variety of insurance certificates comparable to policies sold
    anywhere — and at a competitive cost.