Culture of Life Program
Ralph Ebert, Director

As Catholics, the tenets of our Faith are based on Natural Law.  As Americans, our
Declaration of Independence is also based on the same Natural Law.  In fact our
founding fathers adhered to the Christian-Judeo  law which is based on those

However, in the past forty years, atheists and many politicians have been gradually
violating those moral principles, sometimes without legal legislation, but by
administrative mandate..  Therefore, as Catholics and particularly as Knights
of Columbus we are obligated to stand up and let our voices be heard by government,
the media and fellow citizens.  In order to do this we must be well infomed.

Activity areas for this service program include: Public Relations,  Church activities
such as Masses, First Friday Rosaries for the Unborn and Adoration of Blessed
Sacrament,  Right To Life Parades in Raleigh and Washington DC as well as the
Annual Speakers  Rally in Wilmington.
First Friday Rosary for Unborn                                         

Right to life Rally - Wilmington                                                   

Right to life March - Raleigh                                                

Right to life March - Washington                                        

5TH Sunday Rosary - Respect for Life                             
Currently, this program area sponsors the following activities: -
Knights of Columbus
Our Lady of the Rosary Council #9039
P.O. Box 6146  Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. 28469