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Activities that need your help:

>>>  May 27, 28 2017 LAMB COLLECTIONS at
OIB Lowes Food.  
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>>> July 8, 2017 32nd annual golf tournament.
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Contact me if you need help.  
Chuck Fitzgerald. 910-579-8971
>>> June 10, 11 2017 LAMB collections @ Shallotte WalMart.
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>>> June 23, 24, 25 2017 Heavenly Bread Project. Click here
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Council Business Meetings
7PM 2nd Monday of the month
at St. Brendans Church
5101 Ocean Highway West
Shallotte NC 28470
Council Calendar

APRIL        2017  
7          First Friday Rosary for Unborn       8:10AM    Library
8,9       LAMB Collections at Wal-Mart.                                      
10        Council Business Meeting               7PM        McGivney Room
15,16   Lamb Collections at OIB Lowes    
16        Easter Car Parking
17        Assembly Meeting                             7PM        McGivney Room
21-23   Heavenly bread project
24        Officers Meeting                                7PM        McGivney Room
28        Special Olympics                               9AM       Cedar Grove School
30        5th Sunday rosary for the Unborn  7:30AM   Sanctuary

May          2017
5         First Friday Rosary for Unborn       8:10M       Library
6,7      LAMB Collections at Wal-Mart
8        Council Business Meeting                  7PM        McGivney Room
15      Assembly Meeting                               7PM        McGivney Room
22      Officers Meeting                                  7PM        McGivney Room
27,28  LAMB Collections at OIB Lowes                                

JUNE        2017                                        
2        First Friday Rosary for Unborn        8:10AM    Library
12      Council Business Meetin  g                     7PM    McGivney Room
19     Assembly Meeting                                    7PM      McGivney Room
22-24   Heavenly bread project
26      Officers Meeting                                      7PM      McGivney Room
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Council Prayer List.

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May 21, 2017 Communion Breakfast at Sea Trail.